The MovEurope2014! bus tour is coming up! This is your chance to step up and contribute to the campaign.

We want to engage young people in a political debate on the future of Europe. We want young people to vote in the EP-elections and we want them to vote for parties and candidates that will work for a more democratic Europe.

Since this is our first attempt with crowdfunding we wanted to start with a lower amount but expect indeed to fundraise more than the 3000 Euro aim – also because of the nice perks we have to offer!

The main part (80%) of the money raised through Indigogo will go into the realisation of the MovEurope bus tour. During the 21-day tour the volunteer project team will go through 10 European from Belgium to Hungary and back towards Croatia and Spain and organise events in each city where the bus stops.

The rest of the money raised will mainly be used for communication and to advertise our activities in the different cities.

Do you want to know more about the campaign and how to contribute? Visit this link!