While the European elections are approaching and the MoveEurope bus is coming back to Brussels after a series of public consultations through Europe, JEF Brussels, together with JEF-Belgium and JEF Europe and in cooperation with the Representation of the State of Hesse to the EU, would like to invite you to discuss a major European issue: Social Rights.

It seems that in the context of the crisis, social rights are becoming more and more problematic to sustain.

Are European socio-economic rights in danger? Does everyone have the right to a job, a home and free healthcare? Are the social security systems and social rights in Europe put in jeopardy by austerity measures? ls a European minimum wage desirable or not?

Those are questions we, European citizens and Young Federalists, are asking ourselves ahead of the European elections.
It is therefore part of the European campaign for the next European Parliament to debate on the definition, relevance and future of those rights for Europe.

European and Belgian political parties defend political projects for a European future, and we would like them to come and express their project of European social rights with a diverse audience in an innovative informal setting.

This event will take place on Monday, 19th May, at 18h30 in the Representation of Hesse to the European Union, Rue Montoyer, 21, 1040 Brussels.

CONCEPT: The “Café Europe” is an informal setting that allows every participant to express his/her opinion and learn from others.

For this special occasion, we decided to create the first ever “World Café Europe”, and invited four Belgian MEP candidates and one “expert” on Social rights to directly engage with participants. The room will be splitted in different tables, and the candidates will change every 10 minutes to “speed meet” with all participants. A short introduction and conclusion will be made by the moderator.

Note that this informal setting means that no record will be kept of participant’s personal intervention, and that the one expressed during the discussions do not need to represent any organisation. A general summary of the discussion will be issued afterwards.

The event is free of charge. Drinks will be kindly provided by the Representation of the State of Hesse to the EU.
Please register to the event by filling out the google form.

18h30: Welcome of Participants

18h45: Welcome address by Mr. Appel, Vice head of
Representation, Representation of the State of
Hesse to the European Union

18h50: Welcome remarks by Myriam Lienhardt, President
of JEF Brussels
18h55: Introduction by the moderator
19h00: Debate starts
Mathias Maertens, Stand Up for the United States of Europe
Saskia Bricmont, Ecolo
Amaury Caprasse, PS
Najyha Aynaou, Cdh (TBC)
20h00: Debates ends

Do not hesitate to contact us (events@jefbrussels.be) should you have any question regarding the event.