After Zagreb the MovEurope bus continued its tour towards Milano. On the way the team stopped in Ljubiljana, Slovenia, for a short break. After seven hours the team arrived in the city of Milano and was heartly welcomed by JEF Italy.

MovEurope Forward activities
The event took place on the 12th of May at the Università Statale of Milano at the spot highly frequented by students. The bus team challenged passers-by with a quiz on the history of European integration as well as the European Map game. Many young people were taking part in the picture activity, writing down their wish for Europe and being photographed for the artistic installation of MovEurope. As at other occasions during the bus tour, the team was challenged by the language barrier as many students did not speak English. However the strong presence of JEF Italy at our stand helped to spread the message and to engage many people.

In the afternoon a debate between candidates to the European Parliament elections and young people took place in the Palazzo delle Stelline. The main topic of the debate was Media Freedom and the future of the European integration. The participants of the panel were Brando Benifei (Partito Democratico), Oliviero Aloto (Verdi), Edoardo Gandini (Scelta europea), Frederic Gebhard (Scelta europea), Nicolò Ollino (Un’altra Europa per Tsipras), Patrizia Toia (Partito Democratico). Among other things, the panellists stated that the European political union will only be possible through Federalist Europe, as it keeps the national interests of each country and also strengthens integration and keeps Europe united. Concerning Media, they agreed that the European elections are not very present, and if yes, they are only focused on the main parties and not the minority parties. Often Europe and the EU are displayed in a negative way, and the benefits of European integration are rarely highlighted.