The low participation at the European Elections 2009, in particular among youth, was alarming! Less than 50% EU-citizen voted in the 2009 elections. Since then, the European Parliament has become more powerful and thus it is even more important that many people cast their vote in May 2014.

JEF Schleswig-Holstein, EuroPeers, Europaeisk Ungdom Danmark and JEF Flensburg organised a cross-boarder project in Flensburg in March, founded by the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission. The participants from northern Germany and Denmark created video clips to raise the awareness on the importance of the European Elections.

The claim of the clips is the following: “Do you want somebody else to decide for you? No? Go vote!” The result of our refusal to vote is that other’s opinions will preponderate. Who wants to have their decision-making taken over by others? Four videos have been made all in all  and three of them are already online.

If you feel the importance of a higher election turnout, share the message!

Project management: Mustafa Eren, Dorit Fauck, René Marquardt, Katja Müller and Niklas Sievers
Video by: Ali, Andrea, Carmen, Dragos, Elena, Erik, Filip, Hans-Jochen, Harriet, Josefine, Katja, Kevin, Martin, Nadia, Niels, Patrick, Sebastian, Simon and Stanislav.