JEF presents the alternatives you face in the election. Today we present the views of all Political Party Youth Organisations (PPYO’s) and JEF-Europe about civil rights. Yesterday we published their views on economic crisis.

EFAy EFAy – European Free Alliance Youth: EFAy believes in the right to privacy and protection from discrimination. No personal data should be intercepted and EFAy calls upon the EU to reexamine and continue to study to what extent the privacy of its citizens is respected, and to take action to safeguard them from any breaches of their right to privacy. Further, all peoples have the right to self-determination: the freedom to determine their own future according to the will of the people.

IFLRY International Federation of Liberal Youth – IFLRY: Civil Rights are the foundation for the relationship between the individual and the state. They set forth a basic protection and limitation of the individual’s being. Everybody is equal in freedom, independent of ethnicity, gender, heritage, culture, religion, or sexual orientation. It is our common goal to defend the freedom of the individual where it is challenged, where it has been lost, we aim to reinstitute it.

LYMEC European Liberal Youth – LYMEC: LYMEC defends that states must live under the rule of law, and that laws must be impartial and that, in what concerns private individuals, the only limit they can impose are actions that are harmful to others. In that sense, the Young European Liberals have been consistently pro-choice in abortion. We are also in favour of same-sex marriage (including adoption rights) and the recognition of transgender people. We stand by a strict separation of state and religion, with mutual respect and non-interference. Finally, we oppose legally imposed quota schemes of positive discrimination. Proper laws can only tell us what we cannot do (not what we should do) and justify it under the principle that we cannot disrespect other people’s rights.

YoungEuropeanSocialists Young European Socialists – YES: Young European Socialists stands for a federal and democratic Europe. This means that the European Union should not only be the Europe of member states, but should be a political union driven by and for its people. Young European Socialists stands for a society where everybody’s human and fundamental rights are guaranteed. The democratic process has to be extended and supported in all parts of society, the private as well as the public sector. Regardless of income, ethnic or social origin, gender, sexual orientation or other identities, religious or political orientation, any disabilities and citizenship, everybody should be entitled to fully participate in society. It is the responsibility of the state to ensure the realisation of these rights through services, legislation and control.

YouthEPP Youth of European People’s Party – YEPP: We all want freedom, peace, the chance for prosperity and the access to opportunity. Europe is a place where race, color, religion, sex and national origin are no source for discrimination.

JEF_LOGO_ICONES_RGB_512_GREEN Young Europeans Federalists – JEF Europe: The goal should be to elect the members of the European Parliament on transnational list. This reform would be a big step towards the perception of a real common European interest among voters. Besides the active right to vote should be lower to the age of 16, matching the rights and responsibilities of young people in society. Substantially civic education should be strengthen in the curricula from an earlier age, with a specific focus on participation and fundamental rights, preparing citizens to make full use of their rights.