With the European Parliament Elections ahead, Doc Next Network think it’s time to take it a step further into demanding transparency and social justice . They are calling on media makers, social activists and critical thinkers to share your views on ‘Europe’, in the form of audiovisual media works.
“We invite you to challenge prevailing notions of democracy and representation, to reflect on alternatives, and to create new narratives for an open society. Building an online video platform, we aim to instigate a debate and discover ‘radical’ stories about what is and should be happening in Europe. We believe that through our stories and creative media works, we are able to represent ourselves and our communities, locally and globally. This is what we call Radical Democracy.”

 Take a stand and share your views about Radical Democracy for Europe on video! Become a part of the debate around the 2014 European Elections – and win a €2500 award.

To inspire the activist,s Doc Next Network created 4 categories in which you can submit your video:

  1. Local Heroes – Make a video about your Local Heroes’ ideas and how they are put into practice.
  2. Failections – Create your own fake campaign video to illustrate what you criticize about politicians, to question the way we choose our leaders.
  3. Time Capsule – Your film is a time capsule. In 10, 50, or maybe even 100 years, someone will watch it. What dreams for the future will you share?
  4. Europe remapped – Get critical! Rethinking existing power structures, the way we relate to each other, and the visible/invisible borders between us, what should change in public spaces, in your neighborhood, in your city?

For more information on the Challenge, take a look at the website and at the guidelines!