Klodian Memo is a member of the MovEurope bus team, he has a degree in German studies and currently he is an active JEFer of Münster.

“We should see everything as a challenge ….” said Ruben from Belgium after we had some difficulties with the organization of our street event in Maastricht. That is true…!!!!( thanks Ruben). We started the MovEurope Bus tour on 29 April. We were seven people from different countries, different cultures and languages… and we wanted to move forward.

“It does not matter where we are from, United Europe is our home”. We wanted to start something together and we started it, we wanted to achieve something together and we tried to reach it. The whole life is a challenge but everything is possible..! The route was Bruxelles-Maastrich-Münster-Graz-Bratislava-Budapest-Zagreb-Milano-Barcelona-Strasburg. The purpose is to motivate the people, especially youth in these 10 countries to go to vote in the European election.

It is true that we have a lot of problems in Europe but we have no reasons to be sceptical about the future of our beautiful continent. There is always a solution……We have to be optimistic and go step by step to do everything better. And I think the first step is to go to vote.

It’s not the question of how it will be in 20 years, the question is what happens now. We couldn’t see our final destination (Strasburg) from Brussels. While driving the bus we could only see 50 or 100 meters forward but we arrived in every city, we have reached each destination. These 50 or 100 meters step by step through Europe are like the election in May and one day, in the future we will arrive at our final destination, a Better and United Europe. “Step by step everything will be alright”.

I would like to say thank you to the organizers of the MovEurope Bus tour, the participants and all the people that helped us at all stops.

MovEurope Bus tour was a great idea and I am so happy to have been part of this tour. Thank you very much!!!